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 Repligator HOME $AUD 68.20

FREE Trial Version

 Repligator PRO $AUD 85.80

New V10 is now here... see here for more details including special discounted upgrade pricing.

You can easily transform your images with the huge range of colourful and unique effects of Repligator!

  • Creating graphics with Repligator is satisfying, easy, and fun.
  • Repligator can help children gain confidence with computers and computer graphics.
  • Seniors can use Repligator to amaze their grand-children!
  • Repligator adds value to your photos, just push F7 to see your images transformed by the 80 effects.
  • Use Repligator to create a new clip-art collection (from your old clip-art collection!).

images, clipart, grpahics, pictures, photos all easily changed with stunning effects in Repligator Apply the Blue Reader effect Apply the Sepia Effect Apply the Starry effect

"When someone wants some funky image for a birthday card or whatever. I take a head shot and run Repligator over it and they think I'm a genius"
Mike Finn, Professional Photographer

Repligator is a stand-alone program that takes already existing digital images (scanned photographs, files from digital cameras, computer generated graphics, etc.) and changes them with easy to use graphical effects into new images with the push of just ONE button. Let Repligator show you how easy it is to manipulate images - see the examples below.

A word of warning though - using Repligator can prove addictive...

"I must say I'm very happy with the program and can't seem to get myself away from the computer."
Diann Hirman

Version 10 now has 80 graphical effects, not to mention the work saving new F12 (multiple wizard chooses) functionality that will generate 40 random image effects for you!

It is just what you need for creating great new web site images, sprucing up your report or internal documents, creating new and eye catching logos and banners or just having some fun with pictures. There are already many paint programs which create effects, but at an enormous effort in time, learning, mouse movements and dollars! Above all these mathematical effects are often difficult to install, difficult to understand and with an unintuitive, complex interface. Repligator has no need for "plug-ins". There are no complex "preferences" or "setup" dialogs. Just install and go!


For example see how the image on the left was transformed into the other images with just a couple of presses of the <F7> key! No strings and mirrors here. No difficult learning curve, just press and go!

If you'd like to see more of the kinds of effects Repligator can produce check out the following images. Note: No paint program has been used to "touch up" the images you see on these pages. They are as produced directly by Repligator.

All the images were obtained with a simple starting image and a few presses of that magic F7 key. If you wish to "fine tune" an image at any stage you can stop and manually tinker with it's finer details until you just the look you're after.

For example turn a simple black and white logo into this:

image and logo manipulations made EASY!

This was made with the special mix options, and Fallen Letters using the Wingdings font

Create mysterious graphical effects easily

Create mysterious effects combined with Text!

Also contact us for special site licence discounted pricing.

Registration Benefits:
  • No WaterMark on generated images
  • Saving of image files enabled
  • Ability to switch off the Tip Of The Day
  • Permission to use images produced by Repligator
  • Discounts on completely new major releases
  • Free email technical support, should you ever need it
  • Longer image sequences
  • Advanced selection when mixing is enabled
  • More image sequences open at the same time

Upgrade Policy
Owners of earlier versions can always upgrade to the latest version quite cheaply contact us to find out how to get your inexpensive upgrade today! Note: You can find out which version you have by looking under the help menu and clicking on the About Repligator menu item.

 Repligator HOME $AUD 68.20

FREE Trial Version

 Repligator PRO $AUD 85.80

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