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 Backup Magic $AUD 44.00

FREE Trial Version

 Backup Magic Server $AUD 92.40


A lot of people still completely misunderstand the need to make a daily backup copy of their work. Have you ever forgotten to mirror that important server data, or lost your all your accounting data, your school assignment or that report due in tomorrow due to a system crash? It is NOT a good feeling. People who don't have backups think it's too much trouble to make a daily backup. Not with Backup Magic! 

BackupMagic main screen

Backup Magic is a quick and easy way to get your backup done without hassles. Making your daily backup is as easy as launching a program - just click on the icon before you close your computer and sleep in peace...
It is a simple, fast and compact backup and file copy utility. It does not have loads of unused and unneeded options, but it does include the most required options to get your job done fast and easy. 

Progress window

Here's some of what it can do for you:

  • Copies new or modified files 
  • Specify include/exclude masks
  • Copy to another folder, network drive, zip disk or whatever writeable device you have available
  • Make multiple groups
  • Specify several file filtering options
  • Request log file generation
  • Use incremental or mirror backups
  • Use variables in destination folder names; allowing you to automatically generate folder names with current date/time/day (like: Backup of Monday AM) 
  • Useful for both personal users and corporate users in a networked environment
  • Backup Magic runs on any Windows95/98/NT/2000 machine. 

Key features for single/home users:

  • Fast and easy to use daily backup solution
  • Use either Mirror or Incremental mode with include/exclude files/folders masks
  • Allows variables in destination folder name to create a destination folder name that includes current date/time
  • Uses simple file copy, does not use any proprietary file formats so you can restore your data without Backup Magic, simply by copying files back to original location
  • Works with most standard writeable media - hard drive, floppy, Zip drive, CD-RW (requires packet writing software), network drive etc.

Additional value for corporate users\administrators:

  • Contains unique separate lightweight 32-bit console-mode executable that can be used on Windows NT Server to make automated, scheduled (using AT or Macro Scheduler) backups in the background. Allowing you to copy/backup data from workstations to a server automatically, so you save employees from having to backup themselves.
  • An administrator can create a backup set file for each user, so they only need to launch this file to make a backup to a file server. They don't see the backup set editor and they don't need to know how to make a backup set themselves.

Very affordable pricing for companies with many computers - contact us for details.

So, if you are looking for a simple but powerful backup program for your personal needs or for your company, you have just found it. Download 30-day demo version and see yourself. 

Priced inexpensively there is no better simple backup utility available. In addition you will get free fixes plus new versions at a large discount off the full price! And don't forget that this product comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. And, if you happen to have a problem or question, free support by e-mail is always available. Protect yourself from data loss today 

(1) If you use Backup Magic on a network server to make automatic backups using a scheduler, you must buy the Sever  license. This is for one server and includes 1 single user license to use the GUI to make backup sets. The server license is not a site license - if you need to access the software over a network from more than 1 computer then you need to buy either a multi-user or site license.

(2) A site license covers a single organization at one physical location (building complex). If you buy a site license, you may use the program on an unlimited number of computers for your company within this area. You can put this file on a file server and then any network user can use the registered copy of Backup Magic. That eliminates the need to enter a registration code on to each workstation separately.

 Backup Magic $AUD 44.00

FREE Trial Version

 Backup Magic Server $AUD 92.40
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