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 Font Xplorer $AUD 44.00

FREE Trial Version

How many times have you searched in vain for just the right font to give that special touch to an assignment, report, letter, or promotional flyer? FontXplorer is your solution!

You know the drill... you're sitting there in your word processor, selecting some text, changing the font then clicking away from the text so you can see how it looks. Shaking your head, and then repeating the process over and over again!

I know, it's frustrating. I used to do that too! I'd change and change until I found what I was looking for.

Not anymore though...

Font Xplorer Main Screen
  • Need to find that perfect font?
  • Want a detailed overview of all the fonts installed on your system in one window?
  • Perhaps you just want to finally be rid of all the fonts you'll never use?
  • Or how would like to print professionally designed sample sheets listing all your fonts? 

    Font Xplorer is THE answer. Designed for both beginners and professionals alike this new font tool should be included everybody's library of tools. End the font hunt madness, and get on with producing that masterpiece!

    Here's just some of what it can do for you... 

    • Browse both installed fonts and non-installed fonts from disk.
    • You see what every font looks like at the one time
    • It's very easy to compare them when they're side-by-side.
    • Compare your actual text so you can find the perfect font in seconds
    • Print pre-designed, professional sample sheets and font listings
    • Load, install, unload, uninstall, manage fonts
    • Save bitmap images of fonts
    • Search for duplicate fonts, CRC check
    • Rename font files to use font's full name - with undo support (from arialbi.ttf to Arial Bold Italic.ttf)

    It also has many detailed options for those that like to dig down deep into the nuts and bolts of things:

    • Comprehensive font info is available (full name, copyright, embedding info, available character sets etc.)
    • Advanced, resizable character map that shows all font's scripts and allows you to zoom any character. You can even copy a symbol to the clipboard as vector image or rich text
    • View extended font metrics information
    • View installation status of fonts to instantly get to know if that font is already installed
    • Filter fonts by character set, so you can only see symbol fonts for example
    • Mark fonts and optionally view only marked fonts
    • Integrated Repair Wizard will solve most common problems with fonts
    • Extensive support for calling external programs, support for different variables in callable command lines
    • And much more for you to discover...

    If you think this sounds interesting, and I can't imagine anyone that couldn't use this brilliant solution to an age-old problem, then why not download a free trial version and give it a whirl today!

    There simply is no better font tool available! And don't forget that all our products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. And, if you happen to have a problem or question, unlimited free support by e-mail is always available.

    Note: Font Xplorer does not support Adobe Type 1 fonts. It works with TrueType and OpenType fonts only

     Font Xplorer $AUD 44.00

    FREE Trial Version

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