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via EMail Product Descriptions on CD
$AUD 40.70 AceReader Original $AUD 51.70
$AUD 82.50 AceReader Pro $AUD 93.50
$AUD 133.10 AceReader Pro Deluxe $AUD 144.10
$AUD 33.00 Backup Magic
(for use on PC)
$AUD 44.00
$AUD 331.10 Backup Magic Site Licence
(Unlimited in ONE location)
$AUD 342.10
$AUD 33.00 Font Xplorer $AUD 44.00
$AUD 49.50 Magellan Explorer $AUD 60.50
$AUD 581.90 Macro Scheduler Pro
(Single User)
$AUD 581.90
$AUD 346.50 Macro Scheduler Standard
(Single User)
$AUD 346.50
$AUD 97.90 Object/ARX $AUD 108.90
$AUD 332.20 Password Agent Site Licence $AUD 343.20
$AUD 33.00 Password Agent $AUD 33.00
$AUD 57.20 Repligator HOME $AUD 68.20
$AUD 74.80 Repligator PRO $AUD 85.80
$AUD 36.30 TypingMaster Express CD $AUD 47.30
$AUD 49.50 TypingMaster/ProTrainer CD $AUD 60.50



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