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New Repligator V10!

More information on Repligator here...

via EMail Product Descriptions on CD
$AUD 62.70 Repligator HOME $AUD 71.50
$AUD 26.40

Repligator HOME
Version 10 Upgrade
(From ANY Previous Version)

$AUD 35.20
$AUD 80.30 Repligator PRO $AUD 89.10
$AUD 44.00 Repligator V10 PRO Upgrade $AUD 52.80
$AUD 17.60 Repligator Home to PRO Upgrade $AUD 26.40



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Note: $AUD prices include GST for Australian customers only!
$AUD1.00 = ~$US0.61

** Note: You need to have paid for your previous version to qualify, upgrades from older free versions are not elligible for this offer.

AND... Any order placed with delivery on CD, will also get a full copy of MultiMedia Xplorer, valued at more $45 for FREE!

What's New in V10?

10 New Effects for version 10... bringing the total to 80!

Giacomo Balla EffectEdge EffectEmboss EffectFauves EffectSketch Effect
Fur EffectPolka Dot EffectHorizontal RipplesReyes EffectStubble Brush Effect

New functions & features:

  • Deleting of unwanted images.
  • More control over the Banya effect
  • More control over the Cross Stitch effect
  • More control over the Swarms effect
  • Tint control in the Old Film effect
  • Larger maximum image size (Pro version)
  • Presets (Save & Restore effect settings Pro version).
  • Vector output (PS/EPS) of some filters (Pro version).
  • Maxiumum zoom increased to 500%.
  • Control-F8 variations function (Pro version).
  • Paste image with resize option (Pro Version).
  • Maximum images in a sequence increased to 150.

How to choose between Pro and Home versions

  • If you will use vector output of some of the filters then you should buy the Pro Version.
  • If you are not interested in vector output and do not know or care what a "preset" is then you should choose the Home version.
  • If you use Repligator often and regularly for creating you images, and want to save settings for later use then you should buy the Pro Version, with its Preset saving and loading.
  • If you just want to apply effects to your digital camera photos (or other images) then you should buy the Home Version.

If you have any other questions at all, please contact us.

More information on Repligator here...

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