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 Macro Scheduler Standard $AUD 346.50

FREE Trial Version

 Macro Scheduler Pro $AUD 581.90

Why Choose Macro Scheduler Over the Competition?

Available Since 1997
Macro Scheduler was originally launched in 1997 with an extremely powerful and comprehensive Windows automation scripting language. The first to pioneer advanced yet simple to use window control functions to make Windows automation reliable, our competition has continued to copy and learn from our example. Macro Scheduler has been constantly improved and continues to be developed to this day.

Comprehensive, 'Proper' Scripting Language
Unlike many of our competitors the Macro Scheduler script language (MacroScript) currently contains over 200 powerful commands and functions and includes full variable support, subroutines and programming constructs, yet is easy for a novice to pick up. We have reviewed a number of more expensive Macro Scripting products which have less than 20 script functions! Furthermore, Macro Scheduler provides a professional code editor and debugger and a macro recorder that creates professional code. Creating and modifying scripts in other products is usually a cumbersome process which involves dialog boxes and unnecessary mouse clicks just to insert a line of code to run an application.

Microsoft VBScript Too!
Only Macro Scheduler incorporates Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition. Macro Scheduler macros can contain both MacroScript and VBScript to provide infinite possibilities. The result is a dedicated Windows automation solution with the full capability of Microsoft VBScript. Nothing else comes close.

The Fully Integrated Solution
We believe, and we have been told many times, that Macro Scheduler is the only product that seamlessly integrates a scheduler, macro recorder, keyboard shortcut tool, intuitive scripting language and Microsoft VBScript into one simple interface. And with the Professional version offering a compiler for creating standalone Windows applications for distribution on any other PC, Macro Scheduler represents great value for money.

One Size Fits All
Macro Scheduler is equally suited to the novice and the more advanced user. Here's what one user told us: "By 'novice' I don't mean someone who's just unpacking their first-ever PC, but someone who is reasonably competent, without necessarily having any technical/programming knowledge or experience. For example, I've used it to create a whole load of very basic time-saving scripts for myself, yet as a programmer, have never gone beyond a two-line basic routine that displayed my name all over the screen! My colleague, on the other hand, is at the other end of the spectrum, and is a very capable programmer. He absolutely loves what he can do with your software too, but we both use it very differently."

Those are just some of the reasons why we think Macro Scheduler has the edge. But don't take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say and download a free evaluation now to try it out for yourself.


 Macro Scheduler Standard $AUD 346.50

FREE Trial Version

 Macro Scheduler Pro $AUD 581.90

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