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 Macro Scheduler Standard $AUD 346.50

FREE Trial Version

 Macro Scheduler Pro $AUD 581.90

"Macro Scheduler is currently at the heart of a system I've written for automated retrieval of audio files and insertion into our digital automation system for play on Sirius Satellite Radio. It's responsible for the operation of over 5 of our channels and several other exciting new concepts I'm working on. Great Product!" Jeremy Savage, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York

"Congratulations for your really good Macro Generating program!! I've spent a lot of time last days with other programs (like "Macro Magic") which are not half as good as yours. Especially your string functions and your window title comparings work much better than other programs. Now I can really automate my special tasks. Great! Keep on developping such good utilities. Tommorrow I'm going to register your program! Greetings from Switzerland "Dieter Voegtli, Oberwil, Switzerland

"In case I forget to mention it I think this program is simply brilliant, I could not count the hours of work it saves me every week. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for your co-operation" Thomas Farrell, QualifaX Data Collection, Ireland

"Previous to using Macro Scheduler, I was paying an employee to, each night, produce a series of reports for customers, then stand by the fax machine for 2 hours to send the reports to the customers. Using Macro Scheduler, I was able to eliminate both the problems with this method (missed reports, etc.) and the need for the employee to do the job at all. Since starting the Macro Scheduler process, we have doubled the number of nightly reports which are sent in this manner. I am positive I would have been effectively paying someone to stand by the fax machine for 8 hours had we not begun using Macro Scheduler. "Andrew Holland, Idealease, Inc. Barrington, IL

"Let me first say that I think this is one of the greatest windows macro program I've ever used and I thank you for all the time and effort you've spent making this the program that it is." Ron Mundekis, AFGE Local

"Thanks for the update email and your NEW features are GREAT!!! it's real pleasure doing business with you, because you treat customers like they should be treated in business. Too bad there are so few like you." Dan Caligiuri

"We use Macro Scheduler to automate the process of extracting data files from our financial system and process the data for use by third party reporting software. This used to be a manual process which now takes place automatically over night. Data is now available at start of business day, whereas previously the manual process took up to two ours from start of business. Macro Scheduler made the automation of the procedure very easy and we are pleased with the functionality it provides."Peter Brown, Group Development Accountant, Northern Rock PLC

"Imagine having a tireless employee that you don't have to pay, that does everything you say exactly the same way every time. I work at home on the internet and Macro Scheduler does most of the work for me!
Macro Scheduler:
1. Wakes me up.
2. Checks and sorts my email from all my accounts, (and answers some of it!).
3. Automatically places hundreds of classifieds for me on schedule.
4. Delivers products to my customers (programs and electronic books).
5. Maintains my computer and hard drive, backups, scandisk, etc.
6. Downloads my favorite web pages for me to read every morning.
7. Distributes press releases for me.
and much more!

In fact, Macro Scheduler does so much for me that I bought a second computer for it to use. That computer now works for me 24 hours, 7 days and I hardly ever touch it!"
Blake Delaney

"I have researched a few schedulers and all but Macro Scheduler (MS) have been either overwhelming, don't want to work, or lock up the computer and freeze. The macros I run are simple and effective particularly with 3rd party communications programs. I am using PC Anywhere 32 and Procom3 which I require to handle Kermit protocol..... MS calls a script in PC anywhere which handles error control and on completion "ends session" - this transfers a file which contains Tank inventory dips only. The appopriate time is allocated in MS for this transfer, MS then calls 2 more PC anywhwere scripts at different terminals with allocated time for file transfers, on completion MS is nested to another scipt in MS called Terminal Dips, this calls up Lotus 123r5w and runs a Lotus macro which on completion of running, prints the macro results to Winfax Lite and repeats the process on two more scripts. On completion another MS script calls Winfax Lite and sends the faxes to the appropriate locations. Thank you for an excellent usable program that works."
George Peters, Operations Manager Universal Terminals Inc. Cornwall Ontario Canada

"Macro Scheduler is without doubt the most useful utility I have ever found. I use it for an enormous variety of tasks ranging from repeating repetitive tasks to improving the operation of other applications to suit my purposes. These are a just few examples.

1. When Windows Starts I use Macro Scheduler to launch my startup applications so that they run in the order that I require with preset delays between them. This solved a problem I had with applications conflicting by being run all at once.

2. I use Macro Scheduler to automatically make daily and weekly backups of various files using other utilities to update zip files for example. The automatic daily backup of my system registry has saved me from disaster on many occasions.

3. I like to change the screen-saver regularly but couldn't find any utility that worked in the way I wanted, so now I use Macro Scheduler to change them automatically. It also changes settings in some of the screensavers by amending the registry or ini/dat files as appropriate to give even more variety.

4. When I connect to the Internet I like to have some other applications running in the system tray and Macro Scheduler runs them automatically as well as launching my connection software and dialling.

5. I got fed up with games being interrupted if I forgot to turn off the screen-saver and Windows task Scheduler so now all my games are launched by Macro Scheduler which turns these off automatically. It also checks the correct CD is loaded and for certain games the screen resolution is changed before running.

6. I have an application to encrypt files but it couldn't work from the context (right click) menu in explorer without further user input so I added a script to set the passkey and other details automatically. The script is encrypted itself to maintain security.

7. I wanted to disassemble some animated gif files into separate frames (some over 100) but there was no quick way in my application to so this. In 5 minutes I had written a quick script in Macro Scheduler to do it and saved hours of repetitive work."

Richard Heaton, Consultant

"The Macro Scheduler is one of the most useful programs I have come across. In my case it is used in conjunction with the Midi Genie to operate a church based community radio station. All music is stored on hard drives in wave format and played with the 'Midi Genie' music player. The macro-scheduler is programmed to change the lists of music at certain times. It can be set to change the list when the current file has finished playing or when a certain file is played. It also moves files from one folder to another on a weekly basis so that it can operate without attention for weeks at a time. If anyone would like more information on the system you can contact me at msteele@nor.com.au"
Matthew Steele

"Are you aware how incredible your product is? If not, I'll tell you. Please feel free to use any of this material in whole or in part, in any of your marketing material.

Here's why your Macro Scheduler is the absolute best :

I have tried approximately 6 of your competitors, and your software has all the best features of all the others. Many of the others lack important features, but yours has ALL of them. I like the way it includes mouse movements - many of the others do not. I like the way it has a record facility - some of the others do not. I like the way I can write my own scripts *without* using the record - many others do not allow this. I like the way I can edit scripts - many others will only record keyboard actions and not allow you to edit them. I like the way I can use previously useless function keys, such as F12 etc. 6.2 makes even further use of these - many of the others don't let you use function keys.

I have very many repetitive tasks, and I have calculated how much time your software saves me :

1. Answering emails.
I have a macro which will grab the email address of the sender and reply with the appropriate message all at the touch of one button. Previously : 3 hours per day With Macro Scheduler : 30 - 60 minutes

2. Making astrological blueprints which are then cropped, cut and pasted into an email.
I have a macro which will do this for me. It makes the blueprint, catches the correct email address to send it to, writes the email, crops the blueprint, saves the blueprint with the correct name, then attaches it to an email and sends it. Previously : 4 hours per day With Macro Scheduler : 45 minutes

3. Filling orders received via my website.
Previously : 5 minutes each, total time 60 minutes per day With Macro Scheduler 6.2 : About 15 seconds each, less than 5 minutes daily.

4. Writing repetitive webpages.
This is the best one. I am writing a website for my brother which involves writing 160 pages which are almost identical, except for a few names and images. I write a Macro which writes the entire html document, changing a few variables each time which are read from a text file (also generated by MS 6.2) Previously : 5 - 6 hours Now : About 1 minute. Not kidding.

5. FTP'ing up to 20 websites.
Previously : About 30 minutes With Macro Scheduler 6.2 : about 5 mins

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have 103 macro's.


Here's why Macro Scheduler is good for my health.. I am sure you haven't thought of this angle before :

I have been using computers since I was 10. I am now 34. This has taken its toll on my wrists and fingers. I am using Macro Scheduler in conjunction with a USB keypad which has 20 extra keys. I can assign each key an action, such as "ctrl alt P". This allows me to use MS without having to remember countless shortcuts, and reduces even further the amount of keystrokes I have to make. Instead of pressing "ctrl alt p" I just hit the button on the USB keypad. Also in my armory I have a Cirque Easy Cat. This is an alternative to a mouse, and is a little mouse pointer controller similar to what we see on the laptops (little grey flat pad you slide your finger across). These three things mean I achieve far more every day than I used to, and my fingers and wrists don't hurt anymore.

So. Now you know how great your product is. "

Kind regards,

Alison Richards,

 Macro Scheduler Standard $AUD 346.50

FREE Trial Version

 Macro Scheduler Pro $AUD 581.90

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