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Reviews & Testimonials

"ClipMagic is a clipboard utility that has gained an excellent reputation over the years for its power and versatility .... This is a mighty useful utility ..."

John O'Halloran, Australian Computer Trader, June 2003

"ClipMagic sets new standard for clipboard utilities ... MJT Net [have] created a clipboard extender on steroids... ClipMagic implements a number of clever ideas that expand the concept of a clipboard extender... I'm finding it a rich addition to my software portfolio."

Jobfind, June 2003

June 2003 - ClipMagic is awarded 4 out of 5 cows at Tucows. We think the reviewer must have been having a bad day to only give us 4 cows. Perhaps it wasn't for him. 'Horses for courses' as they say. Or perhaps that should be 'cows for courses' ... ?

Tucows, June 2003

ClipMagic gets the thumbs up from Jon C.A. DeKeles, Technical Director at ZDNet AnchorDesk. He features ClipMagic as a "Killer Download" in March 16th's edition.

ZDNet Anchordesk Read the story here, March 1999

We're quite proud of this one! ClipMagic 2.0 gets 5 stars from ZDNet. This is their highest rating!! Read the review, March 1999
Hot File at chabonk.com

"Magical Manager - When the typical cut-and-paste job won't do, try ClipMagic, a virtual clipboard that organizes all your commonly used images and pieces of text"

CNET Download.com, August 1998

"CUT AND WASTE? A major shortcoming of the Windows Clipboard is that it can only store one item at a time, each new addition obliterating the last. With ClipMagic, you can greatly extend the Clipboard's capabilities and manage its contents with ease. The impressive information manager lets you capture text and images from the Internet or any application and store them automatically, along with details about the source of the clip, related URL, time of retrieval, and type of clip. Items can be edited, saved, printed, dragged, or copied back to the Clipboard; optional rules and filters let you automatically categorize or ignore incoming clips. There are numerous situations where ClipMagic can help you save time. For example, it makes light work of creating a database of images in any format for later viewing or transferring to your favorite image editor ... You'll believe in magic ..."

CNET Shareware Dispatch, 19th August 1998

"Capture & Categorise information from web sites and other sources with this neat Windows 95/NT clipboard utility."

5 Star Shareware , August 1999

"Replacements for the standard Windows Clipboard are a dime a dozen so finding a good one is critical. One of my favorites is ClipMagic because it not only extends the basic functionality of the regular clipboard but it also acts as a mini filing cabinet, allowing you to save your clippings for use at a later date."

Slaughterhouse Pick Of The Day Read the Review Here, 18th August 1998

"I have really been enjoying using your software. It is really handy, especially in keeping track of information off the Net."

Mike Savery, September 1998

"ClipMagic - Greatly extend the Clipboard's capabilities and manage its contents with ease."

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