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Repligator V10 Now Available

We've added 10 new effects Balla, Edge, Emboss, Fauves, Fur, POlka, Ripples, Reyes, Sketch and Stubble Brush.

We listened to your requests, and now the maximum zoom has been increased to 500%, and the maximum images in a sequence has also increased to 150.

We've also added a new Pro Version that includes these additional benefits:

  • Larger maximum image size
  • Presets (Save & Restore effect settings).
  • Vector output (PS/EPS) of some filters.
  • Control-F8 variations function.
  • Paste image with resize option.

    So if you're the kind of person that regularly uses Repligator you'll love these new abilities as they help you speed through your tasks, and provide you with more flexibilty.

    Best of all... if you hurry, you can get an excellent discount on the upgrade price that includes these Pro features!

    More details here

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