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Volume 5, Edition #1
ISSN: 1442-6315


1. It's our Anniversary!
2. Special Deals
3. Software Review
     - Domain Name Analyser Professional
4. Web Sites of Interest
     - So you think you know, eh?
     - HTML codes list
     - Mapping the Internet
     - VIRUS Myths & Hoaxes
5. Jest Fer Larfs
     - This one's a killer :-)


1. It's our Anniversary

Hello Friends,

And a warm welcome to all our new subscribers too!

Getting newsletters prepared and sent out is often a struggle with the myriad of things that are constantly on the go around here. I have all intentions of getting them back on schedule ASAP - and with many new products coming soon, there'll be a lot more to tell you all about too :-)

I'll spare you the usual run down on disasters, save to say there has been at least the normal dose since the last newsletter ;-)

Now, on with the fun stuff...

This week we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our TypingMaster products.

Yes, 10 years! And to mark the special occasion we're having a sale of the 10th anniversary edition of TypingMaster.

Heck, if you know a friend, a co-worker, or someone at school that really could do with some help with their typing. now is the time to let them know as well - they'll thank you for ages!

I personally know of MANY of our customers who have progressed from hunting-and-pecking to proficient and speedy typists over the last 10 years. They now spend less time sitting at the keyboard and more time doing the things the want to. And...

I just love hearing from you after you have made the move to improve yout typing skills too, it never stop pleasing me to know we're helping more and more people every year get much more enjoyment and productivity from their computing experiences!

Why not join them. Improve your typing skills, or the whole family's for that matter, remove frustration, and add more joy to your computing  experiences.

And with each CD everyone also gets our famous 'freebies':

  • a FREE copy of the TypingMaster Games program
  • a FREE copy of a handy keyboarding booster program, do more with less keystrokes!
  • a FREE copy of the TypingMaster Typing Test program, other companies charge up to $99 each for programs that aren't this good!
  • a FREE copy of an Internet download booster that has no strings attached!


- Copies of most of our other productivity boosting tools to investigate, try, explore and boost your skills with 


Tim Jones
Publisher, Aquarian News

2. Special Deals

Totally FREE Resources for your enjoyment - no strings, just checkout these below.

Highly recommended - Tim!

o  Why build JUST a Web site, When You COULD Build a Business?
    Sure, we could build you a web site, and maintain it, and get it listed
    in the search engines, and drive traffic to it and... But, so could you
    all on your ownsome with this unique new web business building
    toolset. NO WHERE else can you get all these tools, seamlessly
    linked together, in the one bundle! You're nuts if you don't give it
    a try... it even comes with a money back guarantee...

o  SiteSell Free Downloads: Get your head start in online sales. 
    Turn a hobby into a part-time income, or just find out what
    makes online commerce tick - there's no obligation, just damn
    good information...

o  Service Sellers Masters Course: Ideal for people who sell their
    own, or others,  services, explains how the 'Net' can help.

And, lastly...

o  The #1 E-commerce Trio
    It Begins at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and gets better from there!

3. Software Review

Domain Name Analyser Professional

I wish this tool had been around 5+ years ago when the frustration at not being able to find a suitable name to match up to our business name (which had been chosen sometime before when several acceptable derivatives were still available - another lesson, get 'em when they're there, as they won't last long!) led me to grab something, www.aquatee.com that is less than ideal.

The 'Construct Domain Names' feature allows you to build a list of words to prepend and/or append to a base word you want to concentrate. This will generate a complete list of names from which you can either say check the lot, or just select some to check for availability.

When you do check for availability you not only get informed of each names' availability, but if taken it lists the registry details of the person/company that registered it, whether it has had a IP address assigned to it (ie: whether there is a web site associated with it - or whether some one is just sitting on it).

You can save lists of names and regularly check them, you can export the checked lists to a web page, to a text file or to an Access Database for later analysis.

Even on a slow internet connection, like the one we have here, because it checks several names at the same time making the results available in quick time.

Trying to come up with a new domain name for a web site these days is often times not only difficult, but very frustrating as well. Domain Name Analyser (Professional) makes the job so much easier that I just couldn't imagine trying to do the job without it.

I rate it a 9.

4. Web Sites of Interest

So you think you know...
The gender quiz will check out just how well you know yourself. Good luck!

HTML codes list
Most of what you'll ever look up for HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can always be within arm's reach.

Mapping the Internet
Hey! Check out this site. They are building a map of the internet, and if you help then they will add you to their Hall Of

VIRUS Myths & Hoaxes
With all the hulla-baloo recently about virii lately I thought it worth mentioning this link again!

Formerly the Computer Virus Myths home page Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, and the implications if you
believe in them. You can also search a list of computer virus hoaxes from A to Z.

Shareware Discussion Newsgroups
Don't forget the new Newsgroups setup especially for YOU! These are moderated groups (moderated by a fellow Australian, Scott Kane) so are free from flames, spam and other forms of abuse. For on topic, helpful and prompt help and advice on any matters to do with shareware software you really should consider having a read of the new moderated newsgroups at:


5. Humor - Jest fer larfs...

An unemployed man goes to try for a job with Microsoft as a cleaner. The manager there arranges for an aptitude test. After the test, the manager says: "You will be appointed on a salary of $30 per day. Let me have your e-mail address, so that I can send you a form to complete and advise you where to report for work day."

Taken aback, the unemployed man states that he is neither in possession of a computer nor of an e-mail address. To this the MS manager replies: "Well, then, that means that you virtually don't exist and therefore cannot expect to be employed".

Stunned, the man leaves.

Not knowing where to turn and only having about $10 left, he decides to buy a 10 kg box of tomatoes at the supermarket. Within less than 2 hours, he sells the tomatoes singly at 100% profit. Repeating the process several times more that day, he ends up with almost $100. And thus it dawns on the man that he could quite easily make a living selling tomatoes.

Eventually he multiplies his hoard of profits in quite a short time.

Not long thereafter, he acquires a cart to transport several dozen boxes of tomatoes, only to have to trade it in again shortly afterwards on a pick-up truck.

By the end of the second year, he is the owner of a fleet of pick-up trucks and manages a staff of a hundred former unemployed people, all selling tomatoes.

Considering the future of his family, he decides to buy life insurance. Calling an insurance adviser, he picks an insurance plan to fit his new circumstances. At the end of the telephone conversation, the adviser asks for his e-mail address in order that he might forward the documentation.

When the man replies that he has no e-mail, the adviser is stunned: "What, you don't even have e-mail? How on earth have you managed to amass such wealth without the Internet, e-mail and e-commerce? Just imagine where you would have been by now, if you had been connected from the very start!"

After a moment's silence, the millionaire replied: "Sure! I would have been a cleaner at Microsoft!"

Morals of the story:

1: The Internet, e-mail and e-commerce do not need to rule your life.

2: If you don't have e-mail, but work hard, you can still become a millionaire.

3: Seeing that you got this story via e-mail / internet, you're probably closer to becoming a cleaner than you are to becoming a millionaire.

4: If you do have a computer and e-mail, you're already been taken to the cleaners by Microsoft

And remember...

   Following the rules will not get the job done.  And...
   Getting the job done is no excuse for not following the rules.


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