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Macro Scheduler 7.3 Released

Whilst on the surface appearing as only a point release, under the surface this is really a major upgrade of features, capabilities and benefits to the time-poor Windows user. The same powerful yet simple automation solution have been updated and built upon. Still using its in-built MacroScript - the most intuitive Windows automation language available 

A full list of recent enhancements & fixes can be found here, whilst the list of new capabilities for V7.3 is listed below.

There is now also a trial version of the "Compile Scripts to Standalone Executables" in the Pro version. Excellent for automating tasks thoughout the office, network or for friends and family - you could even sell them if they were really good!

Whether you need to automate your email collection and just simplify a few key clicks at home; or integrate disparate systems across your enterprise, perform SQA automation, and automate your business processes, Macro Scheduler technology provides the solution.

Macro Scheduler has been chosen by home users, small businesses, and Fortune 100 companies alike. Its intuitive MacroScript language was designed specifically for automating Windows applications. By operating at the user level it is application-independent and allows automation of repetitive, time consuming tasks. Automate intricate software processes and save wasted time and money.

Macro Scheduler now includes includes Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting in both editions. With this you can embed VBScript code within Macro Scheduler scripts, run VBScript subroutines and evaluate VBScript functions.

Read more about this time saver here or download the latest release from here.

Version 7.3 Additions

Below is a list of everything added to Macro Scheduler since the V7.3 release.

  • Ability for HTTPRequest to handle redirects
  • Ability to add images to buttons on Dialogs
  • Ability to define string buffer lengths for LibFunc
  • APP_TITLE var to set Application Title (COMPILED ONLY)
  • BlockInput command to block user input
  • Dialog.Listbox|ComboBox.items.text property to retrieve/set entire list
  • ELSE/ENDIF and modified IF statement to work without labels/subroutines and to allow nesting of IF blocks
  • FileBrowse attribute to Dialogs
  • GetCaretPos command to return position of text cursor
  • GetControlText/GCT command to obtain text from given object
  • GetEnvVar and SetEnvVar for getting/setting environment variables
  • GetWindowHandle command to return window handle of named window
  • GetWindowProcess command to return process id and name of window
  • Horizontal scrollbars to listboxes
  • HTTP_TIMEOUT variable
  • Image control to Dialogs
  • Improved WaitKeyDown processor utilisation
  • LibFunc command to run DLL functions
  • LibLoad and LibFree functions so that LibFunc doesn't need to always load and free the library. LibFunc can work as before with a DLL name or can be passed a handle obtained with LibLoad.
  • Link to support forums in help menu
  • MACRO_RESULT return var to Macro> command for returning values
  • MainMenu object to Dialogs to create menus
  • Mouse wheel support to script editor
  • MSG_XPOS and MSG_YPOS vars to allow positioning of Message box
  • Option to force string types in LibFunc by prefixing variable with str:
  • Option to make listboxes multiselect and if more than one item in list selected results separated by CRLF.
  • Option to warn of any lines with trailing non-visible chars when closing macro (on by default).
  • Option to windows event scheduling for visible windows only
  • Optional complex expressions to If statement
  • Optional complex expressions to Let statement
  • Position command now sets result to 0 for empty string or startpos > string length
  • ProgressBar object to Dialogs
  • RadioGroup object to Dialogs
  • ReadFile command to read entire file to a variable
  • Repeat Until now supports =, >, <, <> checks
  • Select All option to edit menu in editor
  • SelectMenu/MNU command to select a standard menu item
  • SetControlText/SCT command to set an object's text
  • SK_LEGACY to use old SHIFT,CTRL,ALT press methods (for citrix)
  • StringReplace function
  • Toolbar command - puts mouse over a toolbar button
  • Vertical scrollbar & wordwrap to Memo objects
  • WaitClipBoard command to wait for clipboard ready
  • WIN_USEHANDLE variable switch to make window functions use/return window handles instead of window titles (0 = default text, 1 = handles)


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